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Larrow Photographics has been in business since 1990. Patricia Larrow is a member of Professional Photographers of America and Professional Photographers of Michigan. Now that her home-grown business-a two -level studio in her home and a three-acre back yard- is flourishing, she is mentoring others. She well-remembers the constant struggles she faced. Now, when she sees talent on the rise, Pat does everything in her power to fan those flames. Generously, she offers her equipment, her knowledge, and her friendship to any photographer who is willing and open to advice.

Pat started from the ground and worked her way up. On her own, she began shooting weddings twenty one years ago. And nineteen years ago, she had her first in-house client. Her gracious husband, Doug, quietly supported her, even though he was booted out of his living room and was unable to watch his evening TV.

Time passed, and Pat collected a variety of backdrops, lighting equipment, cameras, and props. The family living room became the "storage" den for Larrow Photographics. Pushed out of his "comfort zone", Doug became the resident gardener. As such, he transformed the three-acre back yard into a virtual paradise. From the pond, to the fence with old rusted wagon wheels, to the wooden barn, the gazebo, wooden bridge, and the trumpet vine arbor Pat uses every inch of Doug's glorious masterpiece.

Even after fourty years of marriage, Doug still energetically applies himself to Pat's ever-present "honey-do" list. Their children Hope and Peter are always willing subjects against new backdrops. And of course , their four sweet grandchildren Mike, Adrien, David, Douglas, and Patrick offer their charming dispositions for Grandma Pat's Camera.

Today, Pat is extremely busy shooting weddings, families, children, and sports events. After being in business for 21 years, she is now a seasoned veteran photographer. You can trust that Pat will put forth 110% towards your photographic needs and capture that unique moment in time for all to share.

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